Second opinion

Yesterday we had a second opinion by another orthopedic surgeon (Dr. Pedro B.).

The situation is probably worse than we expected. Besides confirming macrodactyly of the 2nd and 3rd toe he suggested the hypothesis that there might also be a shortness of the first metatarsal.  This will be confirmed after x-ray, which will be performed tomorrow.

When asked whether or not surgery is mandatory in our case, he told us that in the case of macrodactyly and brachymetatarsia (that’s how this second condition is called) the strategy to be followed should be planned carefully, based on growth tables and on the particular situation of each child.

The goal of intervention is to obtain a situation of equilibrium between the various anatomical parts of the foot, and therefore the best results in terms of functionality.

So, no longer a matter of aesthetics as we thought, unfortunately.

This surgeon was not specialising in foot surgery. We were referred to this professional by our family doctor and I must confess that he was very helpful and that he tried to explain us things very easily, so that we could understand.

He referred us to another physician specialising in foot surgery, who works in Turin. We will see him after obtaining the results of the x-ray.

I will keep you posted.


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