Forgot to tell..

I forgot to tell one important thing: this doctor is against early treatment because in his opinion if you cut bones you urge them to grow even more (if you remeber this was my suspect as well, when I saw all those blogs with children operated and toes re-growing and needing further operations).
To support this thesis he also remarked that when a child breaks a leg, this leg often becomes longer.
It seems a compensatory measure, and I think that this seems at least reasonable.
Obviously, this is only our doctor’s opinion. I don’t know whether it is supported by literature.


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  1. Sharon
    Feb 25, 2013 @ 12:08:59

    Hello, I am very glad I have found this site and hope to learn as we’ll as share a different perspective with you. My mother (now 68 years) was finally diagnosed with MD three years ago. She has never had surgery.

    A little of the history;
    As long as I can remember, my mum’s left foot was always two shoe sizes larger than her right, with the middle two toes being obviously larger than the others. She relates that the ‘over growth’ began in her early teens/ puberty. Aside from some aches and pains and having to buy heaps of shoe insoles to accommodate her ‘regular foot’, life was ok. The over growth seemed to stabilise in her 20s and no change noticeable until her late 40s which seemed to coincide with more hormonal change. That’s when her foot growth re-started and hasn’t stopped.

    Over the past 10 years her mobility has been severely affected. Other issues affecting her has been arthritis in the foot, additional strain to her hip and knee as her body compensates for the imbalance caused by awkward walking. She has had shoes made for her from the hospital as she can no longer wear normal shoes. Doctors have spoken a little about surgery but my mum is against it as it is unlikely that they can stop the growing, she feels its not worth the risk to the limited mobility she currently has.

    No one in her family; grandparents, parents, siblings, cousins, has this issue as neither do I nor my sister or none of my mum’s 6 grandchildren (so far) 4 boys & 2 girls. it really seems to be a random condition.


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